Electromobility Reduces Pollution, Improves Well-being: Zacua

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Q: How has the design, manufacture and distribution of the MX2 and MX3 models evolved?

A: We are an emergent brand and a vehicle’s design only evolves after about 10 years in circulation. Our models are in their third year of circulation, so they are still considered new. However, we aim to develop a five-seater Zacua based on our previous models. We have been working for over six months on this vehicle and we expect to launch a prototype in late 2022 or early 2023. We also have an engineering area that develops prototypes for our clients, including prototypes for larger companies that we will later manufacture for them. Moreover, we are expanding our operations to manufacture Golf vehicles.


Q: How is Mexico innovating in technology and engineering to become known as more than a manufacturing hub?

A: Mexico is globally known for its role in manufacturing and exports. But the country is still in its early stages regarding innovation. Aside from Zacua, there is no other Mexican project developing an EV.

We aim to promote Mexican innovation and technology within the automotive industry by creating an automotive brand from zero. There are many highly skilled professionals in the country and we, as Mexicans, are eager to see ourselves in the next step of the automotive sector.

Q: How is Zacua incentivizing distribution of its EVs across the country?

A: We have focused on education regarding EVs. Mexico does not have a sustainable mobility culture and it needs one. Misinformation and myths surrounding electromobility stop people from acquiring an EV but information can create knowledge that leads to environmental responsibility. Zacua has been working to educate people regarding electromobility so that individuals are encouraged to make the jump.

Q: What is the public sector’s role in maximizing EV access through additional incentives?

A:  The public sector should act as a facilitator so that businesses can boost the transition to electromobility.  Moreover, governments could implement incentives that would allow individuals and companies to easily acquire EVs.

The reluctance to promote electrification could jeopardize the wellness of the Mexican population. Pollution is generating a health crisis. In Mexico, over 15,000 people die annually of diseases linked to vehicle emissions and many more suffer from pollution-linked diseases, which force governments to invest in public health services for those patients.

Q: How would you describe the changing role of Mexico within global electrification and sustainability efforts?

A: Mexico is in a good position to succeed thanks to the inevitability of electromobility and the country’s reputation within the automotive industry, strategic geopolitical position and its international treaties, such as USMCA. We must transition and transform the industry into one of the more important players in the sector.

Q: How has production been affected by manufacturing challenges, such as the shortage of microchips and the congestion at ports?

A: We have not been impacted by those circumstances because our production line is small and we already had the supplies we needed before the pandemic and the Ukrainian conflict began. Nonetheless, the length of those crises is starting to impact our operations. We are starting to look for local suppliers. This is what Mexico needs: to stop depending on other countries and become self-sufficient.

Q: Zacua is a pioneer in gender inclusion within the automotive industry. How can diversity be promoted across all sectors?

A: Women’s rights are recognized thanks to the efforts of previous generations of women who fought for what we have today. We must be prepared, have the courage to ask for what we want and keep moving forward. Men are now more aware of diversity and are starting to shift their mindset, which is transforming companies.

Q: What is Zacua’s top goal in 2022?

A: We will launch an infrastructure project to offer engineering and development services to companies that want to start electromobility projects in Mexico. We are also developing vehicles for foreign brands.


Zacua is a 100 percent Mexican OEM focused on EV development. The company started production of the MX2 and MX3 in 2018 at its facilities in Puebla.


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